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The darkness is stitching us out
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1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.

5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.

6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 

7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. ( Do I have to?)

8) No tag-backs.

9) You can't say that you don't do tags. 

10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!

10 Facts About Me:

1. I hate bed hair.

2. I'm not really into cute animes but I do watch them once in a while.

3. I only draw traditional art.

4. My dream job is either to be a detective or a director.

5. I'm shy. If a stranger asks me a question ( in real life) it'll take me ages to get the courage to talk back. 

6. If I had the choice of playing every video game ever or saving the world, I'd probably play every video game. 

7. I like to get up really late in the morning. 

8. I hate homework! >.<

9. It takes me ages to go to sleep.

10. I still mourn over the death of L from Death Note. 

Tagged by :iconyukitoki:

1. Is there any games that you are playing right now?

I bough Terriara a couple of days ago, it's alright but I really hate those flying demon eyes! They always find a way of killing me when I'm next to gold or silver.

2. What are your favorite movies recently?
Sherlock Holmes And The Game Of Shadows :D 

3. Which platform would you choose PS4, Xbox One or Pc?
PC I guess. If tablet or PS1 and 2 was there I'd probably choose those. I'm old school plus it gives you nostalgia.   

4. What are your favorite soundtracks from movies, games and anime?
Pokemon (obviously), Death Note, Deadpool, Legend Of Zelda and Stanley Parable ( following Stanley).

5. Do you like to draw traditional or digital?
Traditional art.

6. What are your favorite animals?
Wolves and cats. I likes foxes too!

7. Is there any particular style that you want to achieve in your drawings?
A goofy wolf style, I really need to work on mouths.

8. Is there any good games that you want to recommend to your friends?
Stanley Parable, it's a funny, great, little game. Plus, you get to make your own choices much to the anger of the narrator :D 

9. How do you gain your inspirations?
Either from video games, marvel comics (Deadpool/X-men) or from old TV Series. I also like to watch animations, they really help the brain work.

10. What are your favorite quote?

“ A-Poc-Key-Lips. I think I found my new favourite word.”-Deadpool.

“I'm not a psychopath, I'm a highly functional sociopath.”-Sherlock.

“I just realised that your Old Saint Nick song was very inappropriate. And totally accurate”- Ian (Smosh) 

And that's all the quotes I can remember right now.

And I tag: Nobody. Mw ha ha ha ha:iconmnrevilplz: , I broke the rules journal, what are you going to do about it? Evil Onion 

  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Voices in my head
  • Reading: Sherlock Manga ( it's so awesome :D )
  • Watching: Tobuscus + Pewdiepie + Markipiler+ Cry + Ken + Dan
  • Playing: Old films flickering in the back of my brain.
  • Eating: Waffles
  • Drinking: Idiocy


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

My family so far

:iconihartanimals123: wolf sister and pegasister:
Your the awesomeness friend Ive ever know my inter life spending time with you is like eating cake its delicious and its so brilliant :3 I love you as friend and I hope we never part ^.^!

:iconiluvoden: ginga sis and drinking buddy: your my ginga noboushi gin brill sister and drinking buddy when Im feeling bad about myself

:iconsparx-wolf: what can I say about Sparx? Well, she's pretty much the person I can relate to in more ways than possible. We both like Death Note ( R.I.P L ) we both like Portal, Spppaacccceee! I love Wheatley's voice, so cute. Anyway, she's a really awesome user and I hope we talk more.

:iconraicecream: disturbed darkness buddies :hug: your the greatest buddy ever and know one can ever change us. We spend good times talking about the problems of life and how about we feel. Your there for me when Im low and blue but when Im bright and happy your there for me still. Don't let anyone change you my friend they don't know anything

:icona-psycho-banana: pegasister

:iconcyndrothestarfire: my dragon

:iconsilver-moonwolf: wolfy sister: your my sister that has bite and graduate when we rp its amazing we never fight and I can't wait to hear from you

:iconkaifurrynekoartist: my big brother

:iconpyrowolffox: Ravioli loving sister

:iconarven92: :iconchemicallycolorful: :iconinerabelle: :iconyukitoki: are my idols

Message me if you wanna be in the family. watch the above there so awesome and nice ( they are not in order of best. )

WARNING: loki may make you confused puzzled or completely insane.
Random things I like
Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie
Stamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolf She Wolf Stamp by devils-horizon Legacy of the Night Stamp by DawnFrost
:thumb132771070: off-white stamp by vesner

Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie
adventure time
:thumb273262132: Adventure Time Stamp -FC- by Trillo-Lillo
Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie
^.^ cute

Kyo Journal Doll .:Free for use:. by moichao10 :thumb167711335:
=OKAMI= Journal Doll - Oki by LeoKatana

Ohhhhhhh sooo sexy, I just wanna hug him ^.^. Ive got stars in my eyes.
Thorin Stamp by Adraowen
Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie
Wolf  Stamp by Charryblossom by Wolf---Fan-ArtClub Wolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeart
Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie
Thank you :iconliticaharmony: for making the below
Midnight by LiticaHarmony
Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie

Shapeshifting, one of many skills one can posses
Shapeshifter Stamp by youkai-hime

Kiba's First Kil Stamp by DecepticonBarricade

What I would say but Ive got a stamp to say it for me.
I've Loved Wolves Stamp by Snootle

Stamps of Loki yay I got gifts.
RQ: the best power by feliciabebe123 Loki Stamp by PyroWolfFox

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